Date Night Ideas

Phew! Valentine’s Day is over!

Now with the pressure of the ultimate “perfect night” behind us, we can focus on normal life again. This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t strive to have a romantic relationship with our significant others. On the contrary. This just means that expectations are (and should be) at a normal level (no singing love-grams!)

In fact, I would like to share with you 25 easy, fun date ideas that will help keep the sparkle in any relationship. If you do 2 of them a month, you will have many dates planned with your significant other for the entire year! (Earning: some of these ideas are a bit cheesy)

  1. Have a game night. Pull out your favorite board game(s) (Scrabble) for a friendly night of competition. Be sure to have some treats for the occasion
  2. Be a tourist in your own city. Find what tourist attractions are in your city and spend the night acting like tourists, which includes taking cheesy pictures!
  3. Go see a play. Whether at your local community theater,  or a big production
  4. Go to a park (if weather permits) and walk the dog, or play on the swings…
  5. Check out a local museum. They usually don’t cost much, if anything, to get in.
  6. Have a “crazy dinner.” Each person gets $5 (or whatever amount you decide on) to spend on any food items at the grocery store for dinner. Come home and prepare your meal! (Make a deal ahead of time banning prepared frozen meals)
  7. Make homemade pizzas together (would help Date #6)
  8. Make ice cream sundaes. Head to the store and buy some vanilla ice cream (or any other type you like) and your favorite toppings…..Relax and enjoy your tasty treat =)
  9. Go to a local sporting event. Luckily, sports are going on year around!
  10. Take a drive. Get out of the house and take a drive. Take a look at nature or local scenery!
  11. Have a movie marathon. Pick an actor/actress or movie genre and spend the whole day glued to the TV!
  12. Wii Game Night at home (or any other gaming system). Stay in for the night playing your favorite games!
  13. Go bowling. To make things a little more difficult, try different styles like only using your opposite hand, eyes closed….
  14. TV show marathon. Pick a TV show and get a whole season’s worth of DVDs (or use Netflix, you can get the first month free) and watch it together
  15. Try a new restaurant. Pick somewhere neither of you have been and try it out! Who knows, it might be a new favorite
  16. Have a spa night.If your hubby isn’t into manicures or pedicures, you can try massages, bubble baths…. You can buy some white towels and robes to make it look and feel really official
  17. 20 questions. Write a list of 20 questions to ask each other or find one on the internet. Go over your answers afterward
  18. Make breakfast together and eat it in bed .
  19. Exercise together. Attend an exercise class at a local gym, take a walk or jog together or do something active
  20. Go to a local bakery and pick out a treat for each other
  21. Cook a meal together. Find a recipe you’ve never tried and make it together. Be sure to include some dessert!!
  22. House hunting/Open House visits. Tour some homes and plan out your dream home
  23. Go to the arcade. Get some quarters and head to your nearest arcade! Play some games and buy prizes with the tickets you win.
  24. Try taking a lesson for a couples like dance, pottery or a cooking class
  25. Start and Finish a home project together like refinishing a piece of furniture

Have fun!


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