2013 New Year Resolution

I don’t know whether I should do a New Year’s resolution this year. As I always give up half way through. Last year, I started doing monthly resolutions, and it worked out better, until life got in the way and I wasn’t able to keep up.

So this year, I don’t want to put any stress on myself. My OCD would not allow me to start something and not finish it, which would cause me stress, and that means that I’m allowing myself to get stressed…. This means I’ve already failed…. Oh sigh….

So here I am, in January, with no resolutions…. It feels amazing!

I am starting a new way of cooking, which will allow the hubby and I to have a different meal each night for 6 weeks (with no repeats) AND save money at the grocery store at the same time. Each recipe yields enough food for 2 people to have dinner, and leftovers for lunch the next day. Also each meal will cost about $7.50. Not bad, eh?

I will post the menu and grocery list each week, in case you would like to follow along. I found this helpful tool online. So I would like to thank “Modern Parents Messy Kids”  for their help.



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